Floor plans of Prestige Kanakapura Primrose Hills Bangalore


When it comes to opting for real estate, the number of units plays an essential part in the lengthy procedure. It is very relevant to the customers, so they are just a request away from you. If you are in severe stress to which estate you should go for, Prestige Kanakapura can be one answer to all your queries and dilemmas.

Prestige Kanakapura Master and Floor Plans


Prestige Kanakapura Bangalore - Floor plan details

The tiles in each ground are built with anti-skid in order that dwellers are averted from slipping. The shade is of matte finishing so that it does now not look over the top. The kitchen in each room is a modular set. Moreover, the kitchen is made appearance very elegant. Services of protection are of top-notch quality. Sanitary and plumbing help has not been compromised in the expensive project. As before mentioned, the shape of the constructing integrates RCC frames in everything, just like the basements, stilt ground, parking lots, and ground. For safeguarding and protection of the customers, security guards and CCTV cameras might be over the project, to examine and scan each nook of the building.

Structural specifications Prestige Kanakapura Primrose Hills Bangalore

Prestige Kanakapura - Floor Specifications

  • Imported and branded vitrified tiles for extra safety and comfort.
  • Anti-skid tiles are laid out in the bathroom and balconies for extra elegance.
  • Corridor floors at all levels have granite-based flooring, which gives it a luxurious touch.

Prestige Kanakapura - Door Specifications

  • Teak framed doors with first-class finishing.
  • Toilet doors are furnished and polished on both side.
  • Utility store rooms for bigger individual apartments.
  • Modular and branded windows for extra ventilation and air circulation.

Prestige Kanakapura - Electricity specifications

  • Shock resistant electrical switches installed in individual rooms.
  • 100% electric/power backup provided for common areas and elevators.
  • Sufficient electrical switch boards stationed at individual rooms for comfort and accessibility.
  • Living rooms with multiple telephone points.
  • TV and AC power points in all master bedrooms.

Prestige Bangalore - Apartment Structure

  • RCC framed structure for all the walls ensures sustainability like never before.

Prestige Kanakapura Bangalore - Wall Structure

  • Branded RCC framed walls to cater to residential expectations.
  • High quality wall structure that reduce the extent of periodic maintenance.

Prestige Kanakapura- Windows/Bathroom

  • High standard widows that withstand adverse climatic conditions.
  • Tall shuttered windows add on to elegance and finesse.
  • Ceramic tiles that are in line with industry standards.
  • Durable plumbing and sanitation fittings.
  • Mounted and elevated kitchen cabinets.